Helping to make the internet a healthier place for youth

Advisors to the Inspired Internet Pledge are subject matter experts and nonprofits who participate by issuing a statement of support to make the internet a healthier place for young people. 

  • Coalition to End Social Isolation & Loneliness

    Coalition to End Social Isolation & Loneliness

    The mission of the Coalition to End Social Isolation and Loneliness is to engage diverse stakeholders, increase public awareness, and advocate for policy change that combats the adverse consequences of social isolation and loneliness and advances approaches that improve social connectedness for all Americans.

  • Foundation for Social Connection

    Foundation for Social Connection

    The Foundation for Social Connection (F4SC) is leading the translation of research into action by fostering the development and implementation of evidence-based models to address social isolation, loneliness, and social connection.

  • Half the Story

    Half the Story

    In May 2015, Half the Story’s founder, Larissa May shared her struggle with mental health on social media and #HalfTheStory was born, pioneering the leading digital wellbeing movement for the next generation. Half the Story works with educational institutions, state and federal governments, and Fortune 500 companies to create new standards for our future.

  • Mental Health Foundation

    Mental Health Foundation

    The Mental Health Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to proactively creating a discrimination-free society. Their mission is to raise awareness of mental health issues through education, community and support, thereby reducing the stigma associated with mental health and behavioral conditions. 

  • OurOwn


    Our Own, founded on the principle that you can’t solve a problem with a single solution, is on a mission to dismantle systemic barriers and create the access needed in nutrition, education, entrepreneurship, maternal health, mental and physical fitness to further bridge the gap to ensure racial equity and social justice.

  • peerhealth

    Peer Health Exchange

    Peer Health Exchange’s mission is to build healthier communities with young people, creating education opportunities for peers to share the tools and resources young people need to make healthy decisions.

  • Scroll By Choice logo

    Scroll By Choice

    Scroll By Choice was founded to explore the emerging opportunity of helping people coexist and thrive alongside the rapidly evolving AI-based immersive technologies. Live, cohort based workshops teach individuals how to apply Scroll By Choice’s Digital Wellness framework in combination with insights about their digital footprints to regain control over their digital choices. Workshops cover additional, in-depth exercises with context of the research behind this emerging field. The goal of each workshop is to develop capability for resilient and sustainable existence with technology, returning control back to the individual.