Reports, White Papers, and Other Helpful Inspired Internet Pledge Resources

Research Brief: Inspired Internet Pledge

In June, 2023, The Digital Wellness Lab launched the Inspired Internet Pledge, a commitment by tech companies and the industry at large to work collaboratively with one common goal: to make the internet a healthier place for young people. Go to Research Brief

Designing a Roadmap for a Healthier Digital Ecosystem

In this report, the result of a convening of over 60 experts, we dive into what is needed to ensure young people can build and maintain digital wellbeing. Go to White Paper →

What We Know About Using Non-Engagement Signals in Content Ranking

This paper is the result of a workshop with experts from seven social media platforms organized by Pinterest — it includes 19 specific, actionable insights for creating a safer, healthier internet. Access Paper →

White Paper: The Future of Content Moderation in Gaming: A unified approach with AI and human touch

This paper, born from the collaborative efforts of Take This, Modulate, Keywords Studios, and ActiveFence — as well as research from industry experts — lays out a comprehensive roadmap for creating trustworthy, inclusive digital spaces. Go to White Paper →

Blog Post: The Field Guide to Non-Engagement Signals

It is widely known that optimizing purely for user engagement can surface low-quality or even harmful content. This blog post explores Non-Engagement Signals, a critical component in avoiding optimization for “the car crash we can’t look away from.” Go to Blog Post →

Join us in making the internet a healthier place

Joining the Inspired Internet Pledge declares your company’s commitment to making the internet a safer and healthier place for everyone, especially young people.