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Smith Micro creates innovative, scalable business solutions that address the challenges and concerns of today’s digital lifestyle. Their SafePath digital family lifestyle platform protects families both inside and outside of the home with reliable and easy to use location services, parental controls, drive monitoring and home network safety solutions. 

2024 Action Plan

We believe our SafePath solution is helping to lead the wave of online safety initiatives that consumers, companies and governing bodies worldwide are currently demanding, namely, improving and securing online interactions and digital wellbeing. As legislation governing the safer use of technology grows, we are prepared to work with our partners to put the necessary tools to manage safer interactions in both the physical and digital world into consumers’ hands.

Our SafePath platform allows mobile network operators (MNOs) to offer a complete solution that allows parents to monitor their child’s web browser, phone, game time, screen time, driving insights, and much more. These features are quickly becoming a standard offering of both domestic and international carriers. Moreover, these features help children develop autonomy and a healthy relationship with technology while parents keep a guiding eye on their online and real-world behavior.

Smith Micro Software pledges to:

  1. Sponsor, host, and/or collaborate with other Pledge signatories/advisors on one/more thought leadership conversations related to Pledge principles
  2. Establish standards or policies focused on users’ mental health and wellbeing
  3. Design user supports and safety mechanisms that are transparent, accessible, and effective